May Newsletter

We are pleased to give you an update on what happened in the month of May with our May Newsletter.

Fantastic professional wild animal and New Zealand scenery photography is now available in the museum from famous filmmaker Steve Couper. Learn more about Steve Couper’s work here. His photos are limited edition prints. If you are interested in purchasing one of the prints, please email Clive at! The prints will be available to purchase online at soon as well. 

Marie Reid-Beadle gave us her print of the painting ‘Oh Deer – What a Tangle’ to sell at the World of Deer Speciality Shop. It’s a pleasure to sell your art Marie.

Murray Matuschka, wildlife artist and sculptor brought a painted frying pan and saw into the Museum and Speciality Shop. They are very unique pieces that we now have on sale. 

There are also new books and pieces of antlers for sale. In addition to that, a new shipment of PUMA knives just arrived in New Zealand. As you can see, we are constantly increasing the amount of retail within the Speciality Shop. Come around and check out our selection of all items deer!

Furthermore, the International Hunting Community with various outfitters are coming in frequently to visit. Thank you for your support guys. We love to see you and your guests. 

We hope to meet you soon again at the World of Deer Museum in Wanaka!

Best wishes,
Clive & The World of Deer Team
Fantastic photography by Steve Couper 
Marie Reid-Beadle’s print of original painting¬†
‘Oh Deer – What a Tangle’
Frying pan by Murray Matuschka