July Newsletter

Greetings all and welcome to our July Newsletter.
We are delighted to announce the arrival finally of our latest shipment of PUMA Knives from Germany.
This 250 year old company produce superbly crafted knives that will last generations.
In this shipment every knife is different and suit multi purposes for  deer and wild boar, skinning and dressing animals etc..
All knives have deer antler handles, very fine Solingen steel and every hunter should have at least one PUMA knife!!
We have now 13 to choose from, please check out our online shop as these will go quickly and order now.
Maree Handy has sent us her latest painting, a very fine stag looking front on, this is very attractive .
As earlier reported we have a substantial collection of books from Lance O’Rourke, and they will go quickly. Check out the titles in the image below. Furthermore, Alan Hamilton has sent us more signed copies of Hammy’s Hunting Yarns, a really good history of Alan Hamilton’s life and times as a bushman and hunter.
Although little snow around, we can see a pick up in visitor nos. with the Australian school holidays currently and our own school holidays starting next week should continue that trend.
We are close to getting our chiller for venison and will send out a memo when we are marketing venison.

We hope to meet you soon again at the World of Deer Museum in Wanaka!

Best wishes,
Clive & The World of Deer Team