August Newsletter

Greetings all and welcome to our August Newsletter.


The World of Deer is pleased to announce that we are now offering the finest Silver Fern Farms natural tender venison, supported by free modern new recipes. Also product lines include medallions, steaks and shortloins. 
In addition, from our master carvers in China two superb carvings of a moose and very sophisticated horse drawn carriage with umbrella arrived. For the ladies, bracelets 8-16mm and for the guys belts with stag engravings in the coronets are now available in our Speciality Shop. 

Bex Wilkinson from Wika Weka has also re-stocked our shelves of organic natural beauty products. We now have “Vital Eyes” and “Lustre Hair Oil” available as well as the rest of her product range. 

Attention: Father’s Day, 1st of September

We have a full range of very suitable items for the dads from trophy heads to PUMA knives, walking sticks, belts with deer carving buckles, hand made pens by Willie Aspinal, 40 books to choose from (all about deer and hunting) and much more. Come and buy your present for dad at our Speciality Shop!

We hope to meet you soon again at the World of Deer Museum in Wanaka!

Best wishes,
Clive & The World of Deer Team
Finest Silver Fern Farms natural tender venison.
Deer Carvings
Very sophisticated horse drawn carriage with umbrella.