Cervidor Deer Blood Capsules

How Deer Blood works: Cervidor Deer Blood is high in protein and elemental iron. Oriental medicine beliefs consider Deer Blood beneficial for:

  • supporting cardiac function
  • facilitating the supply of oxygen to cells
  • improving Immune System functioning
  • providing Vitality and Anti-ageing properties 

Dosage:  Adults-take 1-2 capsules daily or as professionally directed. Always check with your doctor first if you are taking prescribed medicine.



Cervidor Deer Blood Capsules

Cervidor Deer Blood Capsules contains: 60 x 200mg Capsules

Ingredients: The capsules are 100% blood powder. No other ingredients, additives, fillers or excipients.

Cervidor is an expert and a global reference standard for deer products.  We harness the strength and efficacy of free-range New Zealand Red Deer through a vertically integrated supply chain from the farm to finished product. 100% natural and pure active ingredients guaranteed.