Cervidor – Deer Sinew Capsules


Deer Sinew Capsules can support joint mobility and healthy bones, has calcium, phosphorous and collagen.

Kann Gelenkmobilität und gesunde Knochen unterstützen, hat Kalzium, Phosphor und Kollagen.


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Cervidor – Deer Sinew Capsules

Contains: 60 x 200mg Capsules

Country of Origin: Made in New Zealand.

Ingredients: The capsules are 100% sinew powder. No other ingredients, additives, fillers or excipients.

May be beneficial for: 

  • General good health
  • Strengthen bones and tendons
  • Relief from arthritis and joint pain
  • Improvement of joint mobility and function

Deer Sinews have been used in the traditional Chinese remedies for over 2000 years. With nutrients such as calcium, phosphorous and collagen, the consumption of Deer Sinews may support joint mobility and healthy bones. They contain some of the same mineral values as deer velvet.  Deer sinew Capsules are a fast, convenient way of gaining all the benefits of deer sinews without the preparation needed. Deer Sinew has been used for centuries in oriental medicinal supplements for many different bodily ailments especially joint problems.


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