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Cervidor Deer Velvet Capsules

Deer Velvet contains a wide range of growth factors and is consumed to support vitality, longevity and wellbeing.

Many millions of dollars have been invested in Science and Research examining the efficacy of velvet in New Zealand, normally led by Ag Research and Deer Industry New Zealand’s joint venture organization.

In addition, there are over 200 scientific papers published by researchers from New Zealand, Russia, China, South Korea, and the United States of America.

Deer Velvet may:

+ Support Immunity

+ Support healthy joint function

+Promote blood health

+ Support cardiovascular health

+ Help maintain a healthy cholesterol balance

+ Support growth and mental development of Children

+ Enhance athletic performance

+ Support recovery after tissue damage

+ help reduce the effects of aging.


Demand for velvet at the World Of Deer is for pain relief from arthritis and the anecdotal evidence is very significant.


Purchasers will be sent with their velvet a brochure explaining the benefits and we have available on request copies of The Technical manual version 6.4 which explains the science in a lot more detail.


An example of the science is STRENGTH TRAINING

A collaborative trial was carried out in NZ by AG Research Invermay with Otago Universities School of Physical Education 2003. Further trials were carried out in the USA ( Broeder 2004A—2004B ) An example of strength improvement was. Bench Press +4.2%, Squat +9.9% , Bench Press and squat +10.1 %. During these trials, significant improvement was recorded in Aerobic capacity of 9.8%. Also recorded was a 12.2 % reduction in Cholesterol. Velvet is significant in promoting the recovery of muscle damage and soreness from training.

More recently trials have been conducted for the treatment of memory loss with a significantly positive result in memory improvement in the trial.



Cervidor – Deer Velvet Capsules

Cervidor Deer Velvet Contains: 60 x 250mg Capsules

Country of Origin: Made in New Zealand.

Ingredients: The capsules are 100% velvet powder. No other ingredients, additives, fillers or excipients.