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Manuka Health Southern Clover Honey 500g

Manuka Health Southern Clover Honey 500g

Southern Clover Honey is gathered from the pristine pasture lands of New Zealand’s South Island. It is a creamy light, pearly honey with a delicate, sweet flavour. This popular and versatile honey can be used for everything from baking to sweetening your favourite tea.


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Manuka Health Southern Clover Honey 500g

About Manuka Health

Manuka Health was founded in 2006. Inspired by the knowledge that New Zealand bee products hold special and unique health properties, Manuka Health was driven by a desire to use science to understand and harness these unique natural products, and to share them with the world. Today Manuka Health is made up of a growing team of dedicated specialists (about 1.5 billion bees and 140 humans), who carefully craft and nurture our Manuka honey, Propolis, Royal Jelly and New Zealand Gourmet honey to capture the living energy of New Zealand nature.

Manuka Health are leaders in Manuka honey and Propolis science. They have spent years discovering their secrets and protecting and optimising the purity and extraordinary natural properties of these complex bee products. This intricate knowledge and depth of care means you can trust their premium products are exactly what they promise to be.

Manuka Health manages and nurtures every step of the process from the hive to production to packaging – all in their own facilities in New Zealand. This means they can ensure that you are getting authentic and premium natural bee products that are tested and guaranteed for purity and grade.

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