Red Stag Skin


We have multi species tanned skins with an excellent variety of hair colour. Species include red, fallow black and ginger, Wapiti slink skins, plus goat. Prices according to size. Red deer were introduced to New Zealand from British Stock between 1851 and the early 1900’s, and are the most widespread deer species found in New Zealand.



Red Stag Skin

About Red Stag:

Size: Males have a shoulder height of 1100-1300 mm and weigh 95-215 kg with females smaller at 950-1050 mm shoulder height and weighing 85-110kg.

The head of red deer (Cervus elaphus) is longer and more bony in appearance than sika deer. Their ears are pointed and can be longer than half the length of their head. Red deer tails are short (12-15 cm) and match the colour of their upper rump.

Colour: The summer coat of red deer is typically a reddish brown. White spots are extremely rare on adults and limited to the area around the spine. Although red deer sometimes have a dorsal stripe, it is usually restricted to the neck and hip regions, and is rarely continuous.

The winter coat of red deer is usually of a brown or grey-brown with the throat and underside being light grey grading to creamy-white between the hind legs.

Although red deer have a cream rump patch, no margin is present and it cannot be flared as in sika.

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