UB Bio Olive Leaf Propolis Spray


  • Dental Care
  • Sore Throats
  • Cough and Flu

UB bio’s OLE PROPOLIS SPRAY is a powerful throat spray formulated with Propolis Extract, Olive Leaf Extract and Manuka honey & etc to help maintain seasonal wellness. It is specially formulated for effective treatment of respiratory infections, sore throats, seasonal cough & flu.

蜂胶喷雾不但对胃溃疡有冶疗功效,对口腔溃疡也有良好的治疗效果,但是在用蜂胶液治疗口腔溃疡时, 需要直接外用,喷在患有溃疡的部位上。蜂胶涂抹在患处以后不但能快速的止痛,更能在人们的患处形成一层保护膜,用是喝水吃饭时这层保护膜也不会掉下来,因此患处使用蜂胶以后,能快速消炎和促进组织再生,起到治疗口腔溃疡的作用。


UB Bio Olive Leaf Propolis Spray


Glycerin, Alcohol, Propolis Extract, Olive Leaf Extract(Australia), Water, Bio Active Manuka Honey


About UB Bio

UB bio Ltd. was established 30yrs ago and is a world leader in the processing of the highest quality deer velvet products and healthy foods.

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