Wapati Skin Small


We have multi species tanned skins with an excellent variety of hair colour. Species include red, fallow black and ginger, Wapiti slink skins, plus goat. Prices according to size. The Wapiti (Elk) is the largest of the New Zealand deer species. In New Zealand both Elk and Wapiti are farmed throughout the country, but tend to predominate closer to their traditional NZ home of Fiordland. Therefore the Southland and Otago regions tend to farm the greatest number of animals.



Wapati Skin Small

About the Wapati:

Size: Wapiti (Cervus elaphus nelsoni) have a shoulder height of 1200 – 1500 mm with males weighing 300-450 kg and females at 200-270 kg.

Colour: Winter colour yellowish to brownish grey, underside blackish, head neck and legs dark chestnut brown. Rump patch large and uniform cream bordered with dark brown.

Summer body coat more tawny, reddish or light bay with dark legs.

Social behaviour: Feeding occurs early morning and late evening, eating a range of grasses, herbs, shrubs and other plant material (eg broadleaf, kamahi, silver beech, lancewood). Wapiti behaviour and habitat use is similar to red deer, which wapiti freely mix and breed with.


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